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Nightrave Greyhounds

Committed to the promotion of the wonderful Greyhound breed, Nightrave Greyhounds is the brainchild of Fatima Avdic and Rachel Rae.

We have eight pet greyhounds, most of whom currently compete (with varying success!) at Obedience, Agility, Rally-O, and undertake Canine Good Citizen. Pack members have also had a go at lure-coursing and agility. Racing dog Hannah (All The Milk) is currently considering the possibility of motherhood with trainer Graham Clarke.

We believe every healthy dog deserves a home, and every good home deserves the right greyhound. Dogs come to Nightrave to get ready for pet life - this can take from two weeks to two years or longer, depending on the hound, its needs, and the needs of potential adopters. We know as much as we can about the dogs in our care and hope to help each and every potential owner choose a dog who will bring them joy for always.

Nightrave was born as a result of our love for this wonderful breed.

Nightrave Greys, based in Feilding, Manawatu, offers adoption, limited homestays for pet greyhounds, collars and other fashion items, obedience training for greyhounds, and tips and advice for housetraining, leashwalking and managing your pet greyhound.

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Nightrave Greys Feilding
Phone: 027 452 6723 or: 021 472 243

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